5156 W. 58th Ave.

Arvada, CO 80002


FAX 303-430-1686

Ducts Unlimited Mechnical Systems Inc. Headquarters

For after hours emergency service - call 303-519-6266

Staff Directory

If at any time you have questions, comments, or simply need to talk to someone at Ducts Unlimited, don't hesitate to call or email any one of our dedicated employees. We are here to help in any way we can.

Robert Leishman President 303-867-4801
Elissa Leishman CEO/Corporate Secretary 303-867-4800
Clifton LaMont Vice President 303-867-4803
Zoe Madol Accounting 303-867-4810
Lori Schafer Estimating Coordinator 303-867-0184
Rocco Perrella Project Manager 303-867-4817 (Direct)
303-993-9005 (Cell)
Matt Thornton Field Supervisor 303-726-6926
Robert Ulrich Project Manager 303-867-4812
303-726-4293 (Cell)
Jeff Mazagatti Plumbing Supervisor 303-867-4819
Ryan Nieto Project Manager 303-867-4818 (Direct)
303-726-0330 (Cell)
Jorey Jiricek Human Resources 303-867-4809
Scott Kozak Shop Supervisor 303-867-4814
Steve Penfield Safety Coordinator 303-867-0483
Gerald Elder Pipe Fitting 303-867-4811
Ross Forry Service Operations Manager 303-657-5592 x128
Eric Scarbrough Field Supervisor 303-726-2543
Erik Lundeen Field Supervisor 303-726-1191
Cody Lang Service Manager 303-867-4807